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Welcome to our Press Center.

May we express our pleasure at the fact that you have chosen to use the pool of information regarding our company and its products and services. This information and content is made available by WP Suspension GmbH, Stallhofnerstraße 3, 5230 Mattighofen, Austria, and we are more than willing to provide you with copy, photographic and film material for your reporting about our company. However, the employment of these services is subject to the proviso that you consent to the following terms of use. 

The subsequent terms of use regulate the utilization of the content provided on the internet at https://press.wp-suspension.com/. Admission to the WP Suspension Online Press Center, as well the functions and content to which it offers access, shall only take place in accordance with the aforementioned conditions. These include regulations related to data protection. Through the employment of the services and content provided, you offer confirmation of the fact that you have read and accepted the conditions. 


Via the Press Center, you have access to our press releases and press download area. Utilization of the prepared content is free of charge. With the use of our Online Press Center, you offer an undertaking to only use the content and materials on offer for the purpose of your professional editorial and journalistic activities. Unless subject to a different agreement, basically the photographic material, data and information have been released solely for employment by journalists and press employees. 


Within the framework of a simple right of use, the content may only be used for the stated purpose to which the respective materials relate. As a rule, content may be downloaded free of charge and used within the scope of reporting for purposes comprised by press releases, articles in the print media, film and television reports, and publications in the online, mobile and multi-media. Additional utilization for commercial purposes of any description, or private advantage, in particular for advertising, is not permitted and expressly forbidden. 

Content and material may be processed and altered, as long as its clear recognition is guaranteed, and no changes are made to the content that might possibly result in a meaning other than that originally intended. The content may not be used in a form that distorts its meaning and alienation of the material is not permitted. 

The right of use is limited to the period during which the content is available in the Press Center and in spatial terms, to the geographical area of the activities of our company. Use of the content in an objectionable or illegal context is not permitted and must desist. 


The transfer and/or duplication of the content to/for third parties is not allowed unless absolutely essential within the scope of the stated purpose. The electronic storage of pictorial data, data transfers and all other forms of duplication are only permitted in the course of standard production procedures and during employment that is lawful and in accordance with the intended use. You, or a third party, are forbidden to employ, store or download content as part of a service that is similar to, or replaces, that which we offer. 


All content, as well as the design itself, is protected by copyright and personal rights, registered trademark rights and other statutes in connection with intellectual property rights. 

All the content contained in the Press Center such as copy, photographs, videos, audio files, documents and other content offered in the system are the property of our company, its licensers or external owners, who provide content and are named in the system. When photographs, films or other images are employed, the name of our company and if existent the proven copyright notice, and/or the name of the photographer or agency are to be given. This shall also apply to electronic publications. 

Except in cases of premeditated and gross negligence, we accept no guarantee that the materials provided do not infringe the rights of third parties or contravene competition regulations or other legal statutes. 


We make every reasonable effort to ensure the constant provision of services and functions. However, we accept no liability for the availability of content, or access to the Online Press Center and its functionality. 

The content provided is prepared without a warranty. We exclude all guarantees of completeness, satisfactory quality and suitability of the content on offer for a certain purpose. In addition, we retain the right to alter all the content contained in the Online Press Center without prior notice. 

Content may contain links to other websites. We have no control over the web sites of third party providers and are not responsible for their content or any losses or damages that you may incur from the use of such third party provider websites. 


My personal data filled out will be used by WP Suspension GmbH for the purposes of performing the functionalities of the WP Suspension Press Center, such as, for example, the sending of information on racing series or the company. For these purposes, my data will also be transmitted to the subsidiaries of KTM AG (a list of all group companies can be viewed here) as well as to selected partners. These data will be used, processed and stored with strict confidentiality and in harmony with Austrian and European data protection provisions. Personal data will not be marketed or sold to external companies.


Information that is employed within the scope of entry to the press mailing list or a registration for a press log-in must be made on the basis of correct and current data, correspond with the truth and be complete. If necessary, the information should be updated. 

(You are obliged to maintain the secrecy of the access data provided to you and to provide immediate notice in the case of its loss. The security of this user identification is your responsibility. You shall be liable for any use of the services a content on offer and all actions undertaken with your user identification until you have informed us of its loss and/or supposed improper use.) 

We retain the right to refuse acceptance into the press mailing list at our own discretion, to block registration to the press login and to refuse access to and/or the use of the services and content on offer. 


We retain the right to alter these terms of use, or modify them to match the service, in order for example to account for changes in the legal framework or our offer. Therefore, we would request you to examine the terms of use at regular intervals. Alterations to the terms of use will be published directly on the page. At the latest, a change to the terms of use will be published on the date upon which it comes into effect and is not seen as backdated. 

Should individual provisions in these terms of use become invalid or contain a loophole, then the provision in question will be replaced by an effective provision that approximates most closely to the original provision. The validity of the other provisions remains unaffected. 

The terms of use are subject to the law of the Republic of Austria. If permitted, the seat of jurisdiction shall be Salzburg.


Should you prepare a report based on the content provided, we would be very pleased if you would send us a free, specimen example of the publication to the following address or a link via e-mail. 

WP Suspension GmbH
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We trust that our press service will provide your work with the best possible support and look forward to your report.